In loving memory

C.I.B./CZ CH/SK CH/RUS CH Eswood Lavender Leaf ''Laksi''

                                                               ...IN LOVING MEMORY...

Laksi was our foundation bitch who gave all her heart and a part of her name 'Lavender Leaf' to our kennel. Laksi was faithful and smart, she liked hiking, skiing and swimming with us. Together we traveled a lot by car and by boat. Laksi loved water, she was so happy travelling by ship or small boat. She was the best friend at every moment of our life. She is missed horribly by her family and friends worldwide... She left beautiful memories...She continues in her children and grandchildren...Her 19 puppies live, win and have offsprings in 9 countries of Europe, America and Asia.



      The first purebred keeshond imported to Czech Republic in January 2009,

 the first purebred keeshond who got the titles Czech Junior Champion (2010)  

and Czech Champion (2011)

                          SIRE: INT & NORD & FIN & EST & S & DK & N CH BH EUJW-06 ESTW-06  Eswood Maple Leaf  

DAM: FIN & EST CH Keestorpets Nefertite   

                                                                      27.11.2008 - 14.12.2016.   

 Health tests: PHPT negative. Knees 0/0, hips B/B, elbows 0/0. Eyes checked clear. 

                               SHOW RESULTS:       

World  Dog Show  In Bratislava 08.10.2009: VG (Junior class)

2009-2010: 3 x CAJC, Best Junior, BOB

April 2010:  Czech Junior Champion .

20.06.2010  International Dog show Brno, CZ :    EX1 , CZ CAC

11.09.2010  Int. Dog show St.Petersburg,  Russia : EX1, Rus CAC, BOB, CH RFOS

12.09.2010  Int. Dog show St.Petersburg,  Russia:  EX1, Rus CAC, BOB, CH RFSS

27.11.2010  Int. Dog show St.Petersburg,  Russia:  EX1, Rus CAC

5.02.2011  Int.Dog show in Brno, CZ: EX1, CZ CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualification

6.02.2011  Int. Dog show in Brno, CZ:  EX1, CZ CAC, RCACIB.

7.05.2011 Special Dog show KCHS, Brno:  EX1,  CZ CAC, Winner of Special Show.

   May 2011 -  Czech Champion, Russian Champion

22.05.2011 Nord Bohemia Canis: EX1, CZ CAC, CACIB.

 20.08.2011 Duodanube Bratislava(SK): EX1, SK CAC, CACIB.

21.08.2011 Duodanube Bratislava(SK): EX1, SK CAC, CACIB. 

11.08.2012 Int. show VDH, Ludwigshafen, Germany:   EX1, Anw.VDH.

18.08.2012 VDH, Leipzig, Germany:  EX1, Anw.VDH.

30.09.2012 Bergamo, Italy: EX1, IT CAC, CACIB, BOB.

C.I.B. - Interchampion (FCI)

5-6.11.2016 Int. show DuoDanube Bratislava (SK): 2 x CAC SK, CACIB, BOS. 

Slovakian Champion

 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (C.I.B.), Czech Champion, Russian Champion, Slovakian Champion, Champion of CMKU (Czech Kennel Club) Champion of Czech Spitz Club, Champion RFSS and RFOS.